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Why Bazzum Stands Out?

It’s really quite simple. We are going to give everyone the opportunity to have their dream job. That’s why we are here. We’re making it happen by combining cutting edge technology with over 30 years of psychometric research in algorithms that completely automates the job seeking process. So, say your goodbyes to job boards, CV’s and cover letters. 

The problems and solutions

The Recruitment Predicament

In today’s chaotic recruitment landscape, job seekers face a daunting maze of listings, impersonal applications, and the struggle to find a role that truly aligns with their skills and aspirations. Employers, burdened not only by the time-consuming process of crafting accurate job descriptions but also by the exorbitant costs tied to traditional recruitment methods, grapple with the uncertainty of finding the right cultural fit and the ever-elusive right competence.

Bazzum's Paradigm Shift

Enter Bazzum – a disruptor, not a follower. Unlike conventional platforms, Bazzum doesn’t just claim to change the market; it revolutionizes it. We don’t rely on traditional job listings that drown both employers and candidates in a sea of information. Instead, we scrape millions of jobs across the internet, analyzing each with the precision of psychometrics.

Precision in Every Match

Every job on Bazzum is tagged with specific skills, combining psychometric insights with hard skills like education and experience. Candidates, on the other hand, complete a psychometric test, unveiling their personality, future potential, and preferred company culture. The magic happens when Bazzum’s automated system matches jobs to candidates, providing a ranked list tailored to perfection.

The Bazzum

No more endless scrolling through job listings. Bazzum offers a revolutionary approach where employers choose from a list of perfectly matched candidates, all anonymized at this stage. Only after the employer expresses interest does the candidate reveal themselves. This unique process ensures efficient, unbiased hiring, and what’s more, employers only pay when they open a fully matched profile – a stark departure from the high costs of traditional recruitment


Bazzum's Global Competence Solution

Moreover, Bazzum addresses the critical issue of finding the right competence in today’s competitive market. Our research and science-based candidate profiles deliver the exact skills employers seek, and our global reach expands their talent pool beyond borders.

A True

Bazzum doesn’t just claim to transform the recruitment market; we redefine it. With automated, precise matches, no job listings cluttering the platform, and a fee structure tied to successful connections, Bazzum delivers on the promise of innovation. Step into a new era of recruitment, where precision, science, and automation converge – welcome to Bazzum.


Streamlined Process

Say goodbye to traditional job boards, CVs, and lengthy application processes. At Bazzum, we’ve streamlined the entire hiring process for both employers and job seekers.

Job matching based on power skills

Our unique matching algorithms provide superior job matching based mainly on the three most important factors of a successful hiring:

  • the individual’s power skills, problem solving ability, motivation, values, interests, education and experience
  • the employer’s specific requirements and  company culture
  • the job’s specific skill profile

Efficiency Redefined

Our platform eliminates the need for browsing through job listings. Instead, job opportunities tailored to each user’s preferences are delivered directly – reducing the time and effort needed for both employers and job seekers.

Your job seeking reimagined

Bazzum is elevating the job seeking experience. Picture this: All you have to do to find your dream job is to register with Bazzum once and complete your unique profile. That’s it. Then you just let Bazzum’s innovative algorithms find your dream job and ideal workplace – automatically and instantly. No more job listings, CVs, cover letters, or applications.

With Bazzum, you are in control. You decide if an employer can access your full profile, while you are free to explore theirs, and make informed decisions. Join our future, where finding your perfect match is not just a possibility; it’s a stress-free reality.

Seed Round Opportunity

Explore our exclusive seed round offering, aiming to raise SEK 3,000,000. Secure one of the
12 Stock Packages at SEK 250,000 each and become a driving force behind our vision.

Stock Packages Left

Meet the Team

Rickard Linetti

The founder of Bazzum. Creative zealot and entrepreneur through and through. Passionate about customer solutions and sales. Founded Stepstone, Sweden’s first digital recruiting site.

Michael Nilsson Pauli

Internet pioneer with substantial technological experience and knowledge. 30 years experience, with several successful commitments – establishing IKEA’s first e-commerce.

Jörgen Sjöstrand

Driven, with extensive experience in business development, branding and design. Keywords of his are change, improvement and movement. Art Director and Creative Director in several larger businesses.

Anna Sandberg Bremberg

Sharp-witted and ambitious licensed psychologist with vast experience. Graduate of prestigious schools University College London and Stockholm University.

Linus Zackrisson

20 years experience in the field of recruitment and Sweden’s most sought after lecturer on topics such as recruitment and LinkedIn. Included in LinkedIn Nordic’s group of selected LinkedIn experts. 

Others: Sofia Eskelid: Coordinator. Richard Åberg: Art Director. Urban Andersson: Senior Developer. Per Bolmstedt: Senior Developer. Elisabeth Westlin: Test- and psychometric expert. Caroline Sjöholm: IT-coordinator.

Why Now?

The recruitment industry is evolving, and Bazzum is at the forefront of this change. Traditional methods are becoming outdated, and our innovative approach ensures that you are part of a platform that reshapes how employers and job seekers connect.

Why Invest in Bazzum?

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The offer in summary

Number of shares in the offer:
Max 42 277
Number of shares before issue:
281 844
Share issue volume:
Min MSEK 2 and max MSEK 3
Price per share:
SEK 71
Current share holders:

Pre-Money valuation:
SEK 20 million
Valuation Post-money upon full subscription:
SEK 23 million
Subscription period:
1 January – 31 March
Minimum subscription ticket size:
SEK 250 000 – 3 523 shares
Max share packages a SEK 250 000:
The board has the right to extend the subscription period.

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