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At Bazzum, we are embarking on an exciting journey. We are in the early stages of building our platform, and we're thrilled to announce that in 2024, we will be launching in Scandinavia. As we set our sights on the EU, UK, and the United States, our commitment to continuous development remains unwavering. Join us on this remarkable path as we work towards reaching the pinnacle of success in the world of work.

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Q1 2024
Q1 2024

Seed funding

At Bazzum, we're on a mission to revolutionize recruitment for job seekers and employers.

Our seed funding is driving the development of our cutting-edge platform, the foundation of our journey.

Scandinavia is our launch pad, with a focus on innovative solutions for the job market.

We're committed to streamlining recruitment, redefining hiring in Scandinavia's future.

Q2 + Q3 2024
Q2 + Q3 2024

Launch Scandinavia

Our next milestone: 
The official launch of our innovative recruitment platform in Scandinavia, a significant step in our journey to revolutionize the industry.

At Bazzum, we aim to seamlessly connect job seekers and employers. This launch establishes us as a prominent player in the Scandinavian job market, offering new possibilities with state-of-the-art technology.

Q1 2025
Q1 2025

Series A funding

We're allocating funding to advance and expand our innovative platform, unwavering in our commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

Bazzum is eyeing European and UK expansion with Series A funding, bringing our transformative approach to these markets.

Q1 2026
Q1 2026

Launch EU + UK

In Q1 2026:
We're launching our innovative platform in the EU and the UK, advancing our vision for smarter, efficient hiring.

What's Coming:
Bazzum's European debut promises efficiency, reshaping talent and opportunity connections with state-of-the-art technology.

We value your support as we shape the future of European recruitment. Join us on an exciting journey toward a smarter job market.

Q1 2027
Q1 2027

Series B funding

Platform Upgrades: 

We're investing a significant portion of this funding to enhance our advanced recruitment platform, dedicated to an exceptional user experience.

Global Leap:
With Series B funding, Bazzum is set to launch our platform in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, marking our presence in key markets worldwide.

What to Expect:
Our international debut promises a revolutionary approach to global recruitment, setting new standards for job seekers and employers with our unique platform and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Q2 2027
Q2 2027

Launch US + Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Q2 2027: A Global Breakthrough
Our roadmap hits a pivotal moment in Q2 2027 as we introduce our revolutionary recruitment platform in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This expansion reflects our commitment to smarter, global hiring.

What's Coming:
Bazzum's global debut ushers in an era of efficient, effective recruitment on a worldwide scale. Our technology-driven platform redefines how talent and opportunity connect in these key markets.

Join Us:
As we near this milestone, we value your support in shaping the future of global recruitment. Together, we embark on an exciting journey to create a more interconnected, dynamic job market.

Invest in Bazzum - Seed Round Opportunity!

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Bazzum is on a mission to revolutionize the recruitment industry, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey! Our seed round is now open, presenting a unique investment opportunity for forward-thinking individuals and organizations.

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