At Bazzum, we've fine-tuned every detail of the job matching process to make it simpler and smarter. Wondering how it all comes together? Dive into our step-by-step guide below and unravel the magic behind our seamless job matchmaking platform.

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How Bazzum works

Curious about the inner workings of Bazzum? Explore the comprehensive process we've designed to connect job seekers with their ideal roles and help employers find their perfect match. Discover the power of Bazzum's cutting-edge job matchmaking platform through these eight simple steps.

1. Global Job Collection

Our focus is to collect all jobs globally and match them with all qualified candidates on the platform. Our goal is to create a global hub for jobs. It’s important to note that Bazzum doesn’t publish job listings; we gather information from job listings through web scraping.

2. In-Depth Job Analysis

Every job listing is subject to comprehensive analysis. Prior to listing, Bazzum conducts thorough research into each profession using psychometric techniques. For each occupation, we identify the essential skills required for success. This means that Bazzum possesses a comprehensive understanding of the critical skills needed for every profession.

3. Candidate Registration and Psychometric Testing

Individuals who register on our platform undergo a comprehensive psychometric test. This test evaluates their interests, problem-solving abilities, future potential, and compatibility with various corporate cultures. It aids in determining the best-suited job roles for each candidate.

4. Employer Psychometric Testing

Employers also have the opportunity to conduct a psychometric test to understand their company’s culture better. This quick test provides insights into the work environment, helping employers make culture-aligned hiring decisions.

5. Automated Matchmaking

Bazzum combines all these elements using advanced technology, AI, and algorithms to automatically generate matches. These matches are based on the three core components: job analysis, candidate profiles, and employer culture. Our advanced algorithms ensure that only the most compatible matches are created.

6. Seamless Candidate Delivery

To further simplify the process, Bazzum automatically delivers a list of matched, qualified candidates to each employer. Employers no longer need to invest time in manual searches; Bazzum sends an email to every employer containing anonymous candidate profiles and detailed insights into our matching methodology.

7. Candidate Response and Employer Interaction

Candidates receive notifications when employers express interest in their profiles for specific job opportunities. Candidates can explore the job and employer details and decide whether to accept or decline the invitation. If accepted, the employer pays a nominal fee of $20 to unlock the full candidate profile and initiate contact.

8. Follow-Up

Post-match, Bazzum maintains active communication with both candidates and employers. We ensure that the job placement is successful and that both parties are satisfied. Our follow-up process is designed to refine our matching algorithms continually and enhance the overall experience for our users.

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