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At Bazzum, we’re breaking barriers in job matching. Our web scraping engine diligently collects jobs from across the globe. But we don’t stop there – each job undergoes an automatic analysis, powered by psychometrics. This unique process assigns precise skill tags to every job..

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Bazzum is crafting a revolutionary hub where candidates worldwide converge with opportunities on a global scale. By registering a profile that spotlights on power skills, candidates embark on a journey to discover their ideal job. With a strong focus on psychometrics, our platform’s advanced matching system ensures a seamless connection to jobs that align perfectly with their skills and aspirations, creating a truly borderless career exploration experience. 

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At Bazzum, we redefine hiring by delivering meticulously matched lists of candidates to all employers. Beyond just fitting the job, our focus on power skills, including personality, future potential, and interests, ensures an ideal match with the company culture. Every employer receives a ranked list of qualified candidates for each job,