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Are you a forward-thinking Swedish company seeking a game-changing opportunity in the recruitment world? Bazzum welcomes you to be at the forefront of a transformative movement.

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Why Partner with Bazzum?

  • Innovative Approach: Bazzum is leading the charge to redefine recruitment, focusing on essential soft skills, future potential, and complete automation. Say goodbye to time-consuming and costly hiring processes.
  • No Costs Involved: Becoming a co-founding partner is absolutely free. We’re in this together, and your commitment means everything to us.
  • Investor Attraction: Bazzum will showcase your company’s commitment to prospective investors, making us an even more compelling investment.


  • Complimentary Platform Usage: Experience the Bazzum advantage with one year of free platform usage.
  • Prominent Branding: Your company’s brand will take center stage on the Bazzum platform, ensuring that you stand out to potential talent and competitors.
  • Networking and Presentation: Gain access to exclusive events, connect with like-minded companies, and showcase your business with a custom presentation.

Our Brand Promise

No Exploitative Branding: Bazzum values authenticity. We won’t plaster your logos or brand everywhere just to ride on your reputation. Your company will only be mentioned during meetings with investors to underscore our commitment to change with you.

Co-founding Partner Benefits

As a co-founding partner, your presence on Bazzum’s platform is permanent and prominent. You’ll enjoy an exclusive and dedicated space where users and other companies can discover your story, explore your services, and engage with your brand. It’s not just a place; it’s a showcase that sets you apart, granting you a unique and privileged position on Bazzum. Your company will always have a special spot, ensuring that you receive the attention and recognition you deserve. We’re deeply grateful for your support and your unwavering belief in Bazzum’s vision. Together, we’re reshaping the future of recruitment. success.

Join the Revolution

If your company, like Bazzum, is ready to drive change in the recruitment market, and you’re tired of the high costs, time inefficiency, and ineffective results, then support Bazzum and stand with us – it’s for your own benefit. Join the recruitment revolution today and contact us to be a part of reshaping the way companies find, attract, and retain top talent. Together, we’ll make a significant impact on the world of recruitment.

Exclusive benefits for our
Co founding partners

Co-founding Partners Spotlight

Join us and shine on Bazzum’s social media. Your company’s story, vision, and commitment will be celebrated with our audience. Contact us to become a co-founding partner and share the limelight with Bazzum.

Exclusive Co-founding Partner Branding

Stand out with exclusive branding on Bazzum. When you join us as a co-founding partner, your company’s logo, message, and identity will take center stage, ensuring that you receive the recognition and visibility you deserve.with Bazzum.

Exclusive Company Presentation

As a co-founding partner with Bazzum, you’ll receive an exclusive company presentation on our platform. This dedicated space allows you to narrate your vision, values, and uniqueness. Use it to attract top talent, showcase your commitment to innovation

One Year of Free Bazzum Usage

As a co-founding partner, you’ll enjoy the privilege of one year of free Bazzum platform usage. Experience the Bazzum advantage without any cost for a full year. It’s our way of saying thank you for being part of the revolution.

Exclusive Partner Events

As a co-founding partner, you’ll enjoy exclusive invitations to a range of events. Network with like-minded companies, learn from industry leaders, and be a part of something extraordinary.

  • Friday 15 March Malmö+Digital
    Theme – AI and the recruitment of the future
  • Monday 20 May Sthlm+Digital
    Theme – Lecture on the labor market of the future – Kairos Future/Futurion
  • Friday 30 August Malmö+Digital
    Theme – Power skills

Tackling today's recruitment challenges

In the world of recruitment, challenges abound. From skills shortages to bias, these obstacles can make finding the right job or candidate an uphill battle. Our resource focuses on the biggest issues in today’s recruitment market, offering insights and solutions to help job seekers and employers overcome them. Join us in addressing these challenges head-on and charting a path to success in the world of work.



Talent Acquisition Costs

High Competition

Bias and Discrimination

Candidate Experience


Changing Work Models

Technology Integration

Data Privacy and Security

Matching Job Seekers

Lack of Feedback

Fails to identify competence

Inadequate Employer Branding

Cultural Fit Challenges

Time consuming and inefficient

Bazzum a game-changer in the global job market

Bazzum aims to change the conditions of the job market and make it easy to access for everyone by considerably improving and simplifying the process of finding the right job/the right candidates locally as well as globally. Bazzum will facilitate finding jobs across borders.

The building blocks of Bazzum's hub


Find your dream job faster with the power of automation. Bazzum streamlines your search and connects you with exciting opportunities.


Using AI technology, Bazzum helps you discover your dream career, explore exciting job opportunities and make an impact with your skills.

Machine learning

Bazzum unlocks the power of machine learning. Our cutting-edge technology leads you to the perfect match again and again.


Established in science and psychology, Bazzum helps you maximize your potential and find your perfect career match.


Bazzum takes the guesswork out of job seeking. Our algorithms analyze your skills and preferences to uncover ideal job opportunities.


Bazzum promotes healthy living while contributing to a sustainable future. We connect you with companies that share your values.

Big data

Using big data to drive growth, Bazzum connects you with exciting job opportunities and lets you discover your dream job.


Using gamification, Bazzum elevates job seeking and turns it into fun. Discover your dream job in a unique and engaging way.

Deep learning

Bazzum harnesses the power of deep learning to drive innovation and transform the recruitment market. We connect you with the perfect match with our AI technology.

Bazzum is changing the market and the way we look at competence

At Bazzum, we’re leading a paradigm shift in the global recruitment market. We’re not just another platform; we’re a global hub redefining how we view skills and experience. Our mission is to transform the way you hire and get hired.

Gone are the days of merely chasing experience and hard skills. We’ve built a platform that’s powered by cutting-edge algorithms, and we’re turning the spotlight onto soft skills, future potential, individual interests, and the perfect company culture fit. It’s a game-changer, and it’s all done fully automatically by our intelligent algorithms.

Bazzum isn’t just about connecting job seekers with employers; it’s about building a future where soft skills and potential matter just as much, if not more, than experience. We’re creating a global hub where careers are redefined, and companies find the talent that truly aligns with their vision.

Join us in reshaping the future of work, where every candidate is more than a resume, and every employer is part of a revolution in hiring. At Bazzum, we’re changing the game, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting shift.

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Welcome to Bazzum
Onboarding the app and the platform of the future!
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A better future for both individuals, employers and society

At Bazzum, we’re not just about connecting job seekers with employers; we’re about building futures. Our mission is to focus on the unique soft skills and untapped potential of every individual, and align them with the right job and company culture.

We don’t just match people with positions; we match dreams with reality. For job seekers, this means finding their dream job, while for employers, it’s hiring their dream employee. By creating these perfect matches, we’re not only transforming careers but also shaping a brighter, more productive, and harmonious society.

Bazzum is more than a recruitment platform; it’s a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Join us in shaping a better future for individuals, employers, and society as a whole

Right person on the right work place

Company growth

A better society

We make job seekers happier

At Bazzum, we’re on a mission to make job seekers happier than ever before. How do we do it? We take the hassle out of job hunting. Say goodbye to endless job listings, tedious cover letters, and the stress of crafting the perfect CV. With Bazzum, they can finally stop searching for jobs because we do the work for them.

We don’t just find them a job; we find them the best match. Our revolutionary platform uses cutting-edge technology to connect them with opportunities that align perfectly with their skills, preferences, and aspirations. No more sifting through irrelevant positions or dealing with the frustration of rejection.

We believe that their happiness should be the focus of their job search, not the search itself. Bazzum streamlines the process, so they can concentrate on what truly matters – preparing for their dream job and making a positive impact in their careers. Join us, and let’s make their job search a joyful journey to their next adventure.

We make employers happier

At Bazzum, we’re dedicated to bringing smiles to employers’ faces. We’ve revolutionized the hiring process, eliminating the need for them to create job listings or spend hours on the selection process.

How do we do it? We take their job and pair it with the ideal candidates, focusing on their soft skills, future potential, and genuine interest. It’s all about finding that perfect match for their company. When we’re done, we’ll send them a notification, so they can focus on the candidates who truly fit their requirements. Everything is automatically done by our algorithms.

The best part? They only pay for the matches that catch their eye. No more wasted resources on irrelevant candidates or extensive hiring costs. Bazzum simplifies the hiring process, making it efficient and cost-effective, while ensuring they find the right people for their team. Join us and experience a hiring process that’s as joyful as it is successful.

The founding team

The team behind Bazzum consists of avid entrepreneurs and pioneers in their respective fields. We are highly experienced in starting and running successful businesses. The team combines excellence in digital services, entrepreneurship, communication and strategy with extensive, research based knowledge about personal assessment.

The global HR-tech market of today

The global human resource (hr) technology market was valued at $32.58 billion in 2021, and is estimated to reach $76.5 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 9.2% from 2022 to 2031.

The past few years have seen a surge in activity for HR management technologies. Companies are struggling with the increased difficulty of managing employees with changes in the industry due to COVID, the gig economy, and other factors. But this struggle provides an opportunity, too. In 2021, more than $11.5 billion in venture capital flooded into the Human Resource (HR) Technology Market, with the investment rate more than double from 2020 to 2021.

The HR technology landscape has changed at a rapid pace over the past few years and most recently the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of HR technology. After the pandemic, remote working and hybrid working will be among the most significant and likely permanent changes to the modern workplace. According to the World Economic Forum, the percentage of remote workers has risen significantly during the outbreak of Covid-19.

Roadmap 2024/2027

The first milestone is reached and the journey continues towards new goals. The next goal is to develop version 1.0 of Bazzum. We have received an incredibly positive response to our prototype from large, well-known employers as well as job seekers and workers.

Jan-mars 2024
Jan-mars 2024

Seed funding

At Bazzum, our mission is to revolutionize recruitment, making it smarter and more efficient for both job seekers and employers.

  1. Platform Development: A substantial portion of our seed funding will be allocated to develop and fine-tune our state-of-the-art recruitment and matching platform. This platform will serve as the foundation for our journey.

  2. Scandinavian Launch: We're gearing up to launch our platform in Scandinavia, where we see immense potential. Our expansion strategy is set to bring our innovative solutions to the Scandinavian job market.

As we move forward, we are committed to creating a more streamlined and effective recruitment process. Bazzum's roadmap is poised to redefine the future of hiring in Scandinavia.

Q2 + Q3 2024
Q2 + Q3 2024

Launch Scandinavia

The next milestone in our Bazzum roadmap: the official launch of our innovative recruitment and matching platform in Scandinavia. This strategic move marks a significant step in our journey towards revolutionizing the recruitment industry.

At Bazzum, our vision is clear: to create a seamless and efficient connection between job seekers and employers. With this launch, we are positioning ourselves to be a prominent player in the Scandinavian job market. Our platform, underpinned by state-of-the-art technology, offers a new era of possibilities for both job seekers and businesses.


Q1 2025
Q1 2025

Series A funding

Platform Advancements: A significant portion of this funding will be dedicated to enhancing and expanding our innovative recruitment and matching platform. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions remains unwavering.

European Expansion: Bazzum is setting its sights on Europe and the UK, and with the Series A funding, we are poised to launch our platform in these regions. We're eager to bring our transformative approach to the job markets in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Q1 2026
Q1 2026

Launch EU + UK

Our strategic roadmap will reach a significant juncture in the first quarter of 2026 as we unveil our innovative recruitment and matching platform in the European Union and the United Kingdom. This expansion is a testament to our vision of making hiring smarter, more efficient, and seamless for job seekers and employers across Europe.

What to Expect

Bazzum's European debut promises to bring a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to the recruitment process, reshaping the way talent and opportunity connect on the continent. Our state-of-the-art technology and dedication to user-centric design will be at the forefront of this expansion.

As we progress toward this milestone, we look forward to your continued support in shaping the future of recruitment in Europe. Together, we will embark on an exciting journey towards a smarter, more interconnected job market.

Q1 2027
Q1 2027

Series B funding

Platform Advancements: A substantial portion of this funding will be invested in further enhancing and fine-tuning our cutting-edge recruitment and matching platform. We are dedicated to delivering a superior user experience.

Global Expansion: Bazzum is set to make a remarkable leap onto the global stage. With the Series B funding, we're gearing up to launch our transformative platform in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This expansion will allow us to make a mark in key markets worldwide.

What's in Store?: Our international debut promises to bring a revolutionary approach to recruitment, empowering job seekers and employers across borders. The unique capabilities of our platform and our relentless pursuit of excellence will set new standards in the job market.

Q2 2027
Q2 2027

Launch US + Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Q2 2027: Global Debut

Our roadmap will reach a significant juncture in the second quarter of 2027 as we unveil our groundbreaking recruitment and matching platform in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This expansion represents our dedication to making hiring smarter and more efficient across international borders.

What to Anticipate

Bazzum's international debut will introduce a new era of efficiency and effectiveness to the recruitment process on a global scale. Our platform, powered by state-of-the-art technology and a user-centric approach, will redefine the way talent and opportunity connect in these key markets.

As we approach this milestone, we look forward to your continued support and partnership in shaping the future of recruitment worldwide. Together, we embark on an exhilarating journey to create a more interconnected and dynamic job market.

Your voice, our strength.
Join as a founding partner

Becoming a founding partner with Bazzum means one thing – we want the world to hear that you stand with us, that you believe in our vision, and that you’re committed to using our platform when it launches. It’s not about your funds; it’s about your faith in our journey. 

In exchange, we seek the privilege of showcasing that the companies who have joined as founding partners wholeheartedly support our mission. Your endorsement is the cornerstone of our investor appeal. It’s crucial that investors see the traction we’re building, knowing that companies like yours are embracing our platform. Together, we’ll craft a compelling narrative for the recruitment revolution.”

Why become a Co-founding partner with Bazzum?

At Bazzum, we’re not just offering a change; we’re offering a revolution in the world of recruitment. Here’s why forward-thinking employers should consider becoming co-founding partners:

  • Shape the Future: Be at the forefront of a transformative movement. Influence the development of our innovative platform, focused on soft skills, future potential, and full automation.
  • Zero Costs: Your commitment comes at no cost. We won’t ask for upfront expenses. We’re in this together, and your support means everything.
  • Investor Appeal: Your company’s commitment will be showcased to prospective investors, making us an even more compelling investment.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy one year of free platform usage, prominent branding, and networking opportunities. Your company will always have a unique and privileged space on Bazzum’s platform.
  • Gratitude and Recognition: We’re deeply grateful for your support and for believing in Bazzum’s vision. Together, we’re reshaping the future of recruitment.

Join us and be a part of the recruitment revolution. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of becoming a co-founding partner with Bazzum.

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